Fort Providence

The hamlet of Fort Providence is located on the banks of the Mackenzie River in the Northwest Territory, Canada. The community is part of the Deh Cho Region.

Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territory lies to the north Standing south of the community the Deh Cho bridge spans the mighty Mackenzie river. To the east of the community is the protected tundra of the Mckenzie Bison Sanctuary.

Fort Providence is a refueling stop for many traveling to Yellowknife on Highway #3. The next gas station is 224 kilometres away. The community is a major service stop for some while others stay awhile and explore the region.


Fort Providence offers services to local residents are important to travelers including accommodations, coffee shop, grocery store, restaurant, churches, ATM, tour companies, art and craft stores. The local artists are best known for their work with moosehair.

Things To Do

There is a waterfront walkway in the community following the banks of the Mackenzie River with viewing benches and picnic tables. Venture off the waterfront path and explore the side streets of the village and there are a few heritage buildings. Most noticeably is the Lady of Fort Providence Church.

A few hours drive South (Twin Falls Gorge) or West (Sambaa Deh Falls) are a series of waterfalls which provide the region with some excellent sightseeing opportunities. Other activities enjoyed during the summer months include fishing, canoeing, boating, kayaking, hiking and camping.

During the winter months the roads, rivers and trails become snowmobile routes and ice roads. And some of the winter routes lead to ice fishing destinations.

Deh Gáh Elementary and Secondary School