Deh Gáh Elementary and Secondary School

Enrollment: 188     Grade Levels: K –12


A new mission school, the Sacred Heart Mission, was built in 1930. A Federal Day School was built in 1959 and Sacred Heart Mission School closed. In 1972 a gym and center classroom block was added and the school was renamed Elizabeth Ward School after first nun who opened a school here in 1867 (in a tent). The name became Deh Gáh Elementary & Secondary School in 1992. The school was renovated in sections from 1995 – 1998. In the end more classrooms, computer room, science lab and library were added as well as office spaces and Aurora College.
The current school serves the students from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve and the Aurora College Program.

apr5_12SNOStudent success is our goal and that looks different for every student. One of our focuses is working with all Grade Ten to Twelve students on exit plans and as part of this we are working on a goal of having 20 students in southern post-secondary institutions next year with as many of the returning senior secondary students out on summer programs.  We are also focusing on supporting our thirteen-year-old cohort – the largest in the school. Defining personal success and obtaining community support provides a dual focus for this group. Another focus is Supporting our Grade Four class who have transitioned into an English Language program and need English language assistance is another focus. Finally, we are looking at ways to support our Language Immersion classes so that in the long-term they are viable.

Deh Gáh Elementary and Secondary School